A Navy SEAL Teaches How To Survive Anything

Clint Emerson is a retired Navy SEAL and author of 100 Deadly Skills Survival Edition. In his book, he reveals how to survive in any harsh environment, from the mountains to the ocean and desert. Also covered is how to manage disasters that might happen when you are at home.

In this podcast, Clint and the discuss the mindset you must have to handle any scenario, as well as his top tips for surviving any emergency or threat.

Show Highlights

  • Why most survival advice is out of date
  • How to turn situational awareness into an automatic habit
  • What you need to have in your “tactical nightstand”
  • The two types of home invaders and how to tell which is attacking you
  • Why mace is no good for self-defense and what to replace it with
  • What to do and not do during a carjacking
  • Why a flashlight is so important plus how to use a flashlight tactically
  • The simple things that cause a home invader to skip your house
  • And much more!

While you will likely never have to put any of these skills to use, it’s good to know you have some idea of what to do during these situations.

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