A Small Business in Florida Got Raided by ATF? See Why…

America’s least favorite government agency recently cracked down on a simple business card company. In their infinite wisdom, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms decided that this metallic business card was a threat to American safety.

For those who don’t know, the reason will become clear shortly.

AutoKeyCard was a company who produced metal business cards with an outline of the shape and dimension of the fabled ‘Lightning Link.’

‘What is the Lightning Link?’ you may ask. The Lightning Link was a device from decades ago which could be dropped in to any semi-auto AR-15 and turn it into a full-auto machine gun. On March 7th, 2021, the AutoKeyCard company was raided and the website shut down. The owner has been arrested for allegedly manufacturing illegal machine guns.

Metal business cards are hardly a rarity these days, as bankers and lawyers have adopted them as fashion objects. And what AutoKeyCard doesn’t come remotely close to manufacturing a machine gun, unless you consider the mere production of a drawing or schematic to be an illegal weapon.

The ATF cited regulations which restrict possession of parts which could be used to readily assemble or convert a weapon into a machine gun. However, other objects exist which much more readily can be adapted to fit a semi-automatic weapon for automatic fire, such as faulty triggers, sticks, leather belts, and rubber bands.

Beware that the ATF states that anyone in possession of an AutoKeyCard is considered to be a felon in violation of the NFA. The ATF advises anyone who owns an AutoKeyCard to contact them in order to turn the object in, but did not explicitly state that owners would be eligible for amnesty.

If you do happen to own one of these cards, it’s strongly advised that you contact a lawyer before contacting the benevolent ATF.

Author: Larry Campbell

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