Ammo Companies Reveal True Reason For Shortages

Throughout the nation, Americans by the millions are seeking out ammunition for target practice, shooting sports, self-defense, and hunting. Sporting goods stores as well as small businesses have been forced to restrict the amount of ammunition that people can buy in one visit. Some have even taken the drastic measure of limiting ammunition sales to those who are purchasing a firearm alongside it.

Rumors have been circulating regarding ammo companies’ production. One such rumor, was that Vista Outdoors, parent company of CCI, Remington, Speer Ammunition, and Federal, had ceased manufacturing altogether. Others claimed that the company was choosing who they sold ammo to. Jason Vanderbrink, President of Ammunition for Vista Outdoors, rejected these claims and addressed the issue back in December.

Steve and Jason Hornady, the owners of Hornady ammunition, used April Fools day to make a satirical statement, squelching rumors that the government was paying them to halt ammo production.

They explained that while the government may be spending money on “sending you a stimulus check” they are certainly not wasting cash on “paying us to not ship ammo,” adding that “It just doesn’t work that way.”

There are several factors for the ammo shortage. Firstly, this happens every election cycle, particularly during presidential elections. Compounding the issue this time around, Americans witnessed increased levels of violence during the summer of 2020, that were accompanied by doomsday predictions related to the COVID pandemic. These factors drove a record breaking surge in first-time firearm owners.

Following the election of President Biden, Americans responded to threats against the 2nd Amendment from the White House and Congress by stocking up on all gun related items.

The firearms industry is truly making its best effort to meet demand, but the production capabilities of these companies cannot scale up overnight. Warehouse construction and machine tools can take years to be ready for production. Give these guys a break, they are working hard to meet demand. All of the ammunition companies are working 24 hour cycles to try and put ammo on the shelves. Let this serve as a reminder to have your stockpile set aside before a panic buying cycle.

Author: Wesley Florian

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