Biden Gives Chilling Orders to ATF — Gun Owners Put on Notice

The next wave of attacks on the Second Amendment began 10 days ago as the White House ordered executive actions on gun control. Joe Biden has promised to circumvent Congress in his efforts to destroy the Second amendment. His full list includes actions against homemade firearms, invoking red flaws, a vague “evidence-based community violence intervention” policy, firearm trafficking reports, appointing a gun control advocate to lead the ATF and actions against pistol braces.

Pistol stabilizing braces have been a matter of controversy and concern ever since they came out, with the ATF never nailing down a stance on whether they were legally acceptable or not. In October of 2020, the ATF moved to classify the Q Honey Badger pistol as an SBR. Pistol braces also came onto liberals radar when the psychopath responsible for the Boulder, Colorado shooting allegedly used a pistol braced firearm.

The Biden administration claims that it wants to regulate braced pistols as SBRs under the National Firearm Act. This action is an attempt at grabbing low-hanging gun control fruit, as many gun owners may not have a dog in the fight, much like the bump stocks that our latest Republican president banned by executive order.

Banning pistol braces is an easy way to inch away ground from gun-owners, as the liberals erode our Second Amendment rights one at a time. First they came for bump-stocks, but I did not own a bump-stock, so I did nothing. . .

Author: Scott Maxwell

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