Biden To Announce Plan To Dismantle 2nd Amendment Today!

Recent reports have come out revealing that the Biden Administration is set to lay out their plans for executive orders on gun control today. The administration is said to be planning some very severe restrictions that are likely to violate 2nd amendment rights for millions of Americans.

The Biden-Harris administration is well known for its disdain for law-abiding American firearm owners, and are willing to take drastic steps which dodge due legislative process. Part of their plans seem to be seeking to make non-firearm objects such as 80% lowers, magazines and ammunition difficult to acquire.

Biden also has suggested plans to make modern sporting guns, so called by him “assault weapons,” strictly controlled by the NFA, requiring a year-long background check and a $200 tax to own, as well as requiring owners to seek the governments permission to ever take that weapon across a state line.

Biden has also hand picked a new director for the BATFE, a senior policy advisor on legal action for the gun control group run by Giffords. David Chipman is gun owners worst nightmare, a bureaucratic hard-ass who wants nothing more than to see every firearm in America confiscated and destroyed. He was also a former case agent who participated in the failed Waco Branch Davidian incident.

Biden’s efforts come as a result of increased pressure from the left who have demanded that he take dramatic measures to crush the 2nd Amendment and use any means possible to disarm the American public. Biden and Harris are willingly taking up a crusade against American firearms owners.

Month after month, Americans have voted with their dollars on how they feel about the 2nd Amendment, by purchasing record amounts of guns. Biden is shamelessly ignoring the will of the majority of the population, instead, pleasing his elitist puppeteers.

Be sure to contact your elected representatives and tell them how you feel about Biden trampling over the 2nd Amendment and jumping past legal processes to accomplish it.

Author: Craig Bolin

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