How To ‘Store’ Your Guns And Ammo Safely

Once again, gun owners find themselves in times of uncertainty. As the winds of legislative willpower against American firearm ownership change, those with prudence may choose to store their weapons long term in unconventional ways.

A popular technique for ‘losing’ your firearm in the woods is to first place the weapon in PVC.

Schedule 40 PVC can be purchased in diameters between 6″ and 10,” with end caps.

The first step to storing your valuables in the woods is to disassemble your firearm and coat it in oil. After that, seal the parts in plastic bags, vacuum sealed if that’s available to you. Another step you can take to prevent rust is to add silica packets. Next, use PVC sealant to glue the caps in place. Be sure to store ammunition with the rifle, ammo can be purchased in sealed tins or sealed plastic bags that are very well suited to this purpose.

When choosing a burial site, make sure that it’s a location that you will be able to continue to access in the future. Find some land features such as boulders or healthy trees, measure the distance to them, and jot it down somewhere. It can even be paces. The important thing is to be able to create an intersection of the two radius drawn from those objects.

This method has been tested by some who buried their guns in excess of 20 years with perfect preservation.

So should you find it necessary, your rifle can be stored for decades in harsh environments using little more than a few dollars worth of scrounged materials and supplies.

Author: Tyler Benson

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