Incredible New Attachment Can Make Anyone A Crack-Shot

Stop burning up precious ammo with ordinary practice sessions. An exciting new product has come to market which can dramatically improve your shooting skills.

The MantisX 10 Elite gives you detailed feedback on your shot to shot performance. It attaches via a rail or adapter to any rifle, handgun or shotgun and evaluates your performance whether it be live fire, dryfire or even airsoft shooting.

It’s not just raw practice that makes perfect. Bad practice engrains bad technique, and that’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re reinforcing correct shooting mechanics.

The device connects via Bluetooth with a smartphone or tablet to give you detailed feedback on your shooting mistakes.

The MantisX 10 Elite acts like a shooting coach every time you hit the range, but even better than a meat-based instructor, the device can sense the fine nuances of your trigger press, flinching and other common shooting errors. It also stores your data so that you can track your improvement over time.

The advanced gyroscope technology allows the device to track your time in drawing the firearm, aiming, pressing the trigger, and even checking proper follow-through. This information is sent to your connected device and displayed in helpful graphs so that you can see an evaluation of your performance.

All you need is to attach the MantisX 10 Elite to your firearms accessory rail or a universal adapter which the company sells separately. Turn on the device and connect it to your smartphone/tablet and in minutes, you’re prepared for a highly productive training session.

To learn more about this product, visit or follow the video link for more information.

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