Is This the Best Concealable For Truck and Home?

This amazing little version of a sub-machine gun is one of the best Personal Defense Weapons (PDW) available today.

The CZ Scorpion EVO S2 Micro Pistol brings with it all of the goods that make this pistol competitive with more expensive PDWs like the MP5, but offers it in a “K” version that’s more practical.

CZ USA, Manticore Arms, and SB Tactical collaborated to make this pistol one of the most compelling on the market.

The Scorpion Micro Pistol comes with 20 rounds magazines, though 30 rounders are available, this is probably referenced by the gun’s namesake firearm, the VZ 61 Skorpion, which used 20 round mags.

It has a 4.12 inch barrel, compared with the standard Scorpion pistol’s 7.72 inch barrel. Although the overall size is approximately the same, as the S1 Scorpion Pistol is a full 16″ before adding a brace, the Micro comes out at 16.35″ with the brace collapsed.

The gun comes with a “flash can” style of muzzle attachment, which can easily be swapped out with a suppressor.

Just like it’s larger cousin, the Scorpion Micro Pistol uses ordinary and reliable blowback operation. This means that the bolt is hefty, and it’s movement means that recoil is harsher than lighter weapons. However, this also allows the weapon to cost less. A Scorpion style of PDW tends to cost about 1/3 of it’s competitor the SIG MPX, and about 1/5 the cost of HK MP5 clones.

Included with the firearm are functional metal sights, an M-LOK handguard, and a full length top picatinny rail.

The firearm’s accuracy is fantastic, it’s easy to strike targets out to 100 yards with this weapon. It’s no sniper however, and has a 9 pound trigger, though it is smooth and clean.

Anybody looking for a 9mm PDW should give strong consideration to the CZ Scorpion E2 Micro Pistol. The light weight, compact size factor and affordability make it something you can keep ready by the bed, concealed in the truck, or stored handily in a bug out bag.

Author: Dent Hawkins

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