This Best-Selling Gun Just Got A Major Upgrade

Pistol-caliber carbines have really taken off in recent years. Some of this can be explained by advances in pistol cartridge technology, as better powder and bullet design closes the gap on pistol versus rifle performance.

Pistol Carbines offer the advantage of sharing ammo (and sometimes magazines) with your pistol, as well as saving cost on ammo, which tends to be cheaper than rifle cartridges.

Ruger has dominated the PCC market with their ever popular Ruger PC Carbine, recently expanding and updating their model.

The company has added six new models of the carbine, three of which are now chambered in the more potent .40 S&W, and three in the timeless 9mm. All carbines come equipped with some new features.

The gun was a market sensation for having so many useful features, such as a takedown feature for transport, ambidextrous controls, adjustable stock, accepting Glock magazines, and an aperture sight.

In addition to these, new carbines will feature a free-float aluminum handguard with M-LOK interface as well as options for threaded or non-threaded barrels.

Free-float handguards dramatically improve accuracy and remain cool under intense strings of fire. The M-LOK negative interface rail is the most recent innovative technology for attaching lights, lasers, grips and other accessories to your weapon.

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Author: Dan Lewis

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