This State Tossed a Big Wrench in Biden’s Gun Control Agenda

A newly passed Texas law abolishes the need to acquire a permit from the state in order to carry a weapon concealed.

The state House passed the legislation, House Bill 1927 with a vote of 84-56.

The bill is sponsored by Rep Matt Schaefer (R-Tyler), who responded to criticisms against the bill by explaining that since criminals don’t follow laws anyway, it placed law-abiding citizens at a disadvantage by requiring them to acquire a permit to protect themselves.

Schaefer also suggests that requiring a permit may be cost-prohibitive for certain individuals. He offered an anecdote of a pair of women who he knew, one of which had the means to afford a carry permit and was safe, and the other who could not and was left vulnerable. Both lives he points out, are equally valuable.

Approximately two dozen Democrats attempted to make alterations to Schaefer’s legislation but failed.

There are currently 20 states which do not require a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Author: Craig Wilkins

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