US Armys New Precision Sniper Rifle Will Amaze You

The US Army Precision Sniper Rifle program recently selected a new MK22 Mod 0 rifle from Barret Firearms Manuf. Inc. as their new primary sniper rifle. The weapon will be paired with a Leupold & Stevens Mk5 HD scope and is intended to replace many Army sniper rifles currently in circulation. Barrett’s name for the rifle is MRAD or the Multi-Role Adaptive Design.

Designed to be both precise and modular, the MK22 offers soldiers even greater flexibility within the amazing MRAD rifle platform. The multi-caliber bolt action rifle can convert between 7.62×51, .338 Norma Magnum, and .300 Norma Magnum, based on mission parameters.

The Army said that in it’s request for the rifle that the MK22 be able to increase snipers range to give them an overmatch advantage against enemy counter snipers and a general increase in sniper ability.

Global military sales director for Barrett, Joel Miller said that the company is honored to have won two contracts in recent years. They previously won SOCOM’s contract for an Advanced Sniper Rifle. He believes that the MK22 is capable of meeting the high and demanding requirements of the military branches requests.

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Author: Dean Reynolds

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