WATCH Company Showcases The Army’s Next-Generation Rifle

The Army’s NGSW (Next Generation Squad Weapon) program has an exciting new update. The new rifle, currently called the RM277, is designed to fire 6.5mm polymer cased ammunition. It recently had it’s development moved to a new company named LoneStar.

The weapon was originally designed by General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, with the polymer ammunition created by True Velocity. The new company, established mere months ago, is meant to add precision engineering skills to the weapons development. True Velocity is still in charge of the ammunition half of the NGSW submission.

Based on a press release from True Velocity, it appears that the technical data package and patents have been transferred to the new LoneStar company, along with several designs for GD-OTS developed LMG designs.

LoneStar Future Weapons describe themselves as a Texas-Based company which specializes in advanced technology related to next-generation defense solutions.

LoneStar also released a slick new video showcasing the rifle.

General Dynamics have not issued any statements themselves, and declined to comment on the ongoing NGSW competition.

The outcome of the NGSW trials is anticipated to be known by the end of this year. There are three major competitors who have submitted prototypes for the trial from SIG Sauer, Textron, and now LoneStar.

Author: Brett Hemsworth

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